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"Lethal" Lindsay Garbatt back in the mix!
Following Lindsay's loss to Jeannine "Heartless" Garside for the WIBA Featherweight Title in Duncan, B.C. on April 24th the Boxing Headlines read "Reign of the Upset Queen Ends". To those writers 43 days later and "The Upset Queen Rules Again", Lindsay is back on top after an upset majority decision defeat of veteran World Super Featherweight Champion Melissa "Huracan" Hernandez in an eight round non-title fight on June 5th at the National Guard Armoury in Evansville, Indiana.

Most fighters take some time off after a tough loss and come back against a "soft" opponent, but Lindsay wanted none of that. When it was purposed that she fight Melissa Hernandez instead of some easier opponents that were being lined up, Lindsay proclaimed if she was going to Box she wanted to fight the best, so the contract was signed. With great risk there can be great gain, the risk paid off for Lindsay who is now ranked 3rd in the World as a Featherweight by Boxrec and the WIBA has vacated the Super Featherweight title and ranked Lindsay as number one in the World in that division. There are lots of offers coming in for fights for Lindsay and another World Title shot won't be far away.