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Rose Assassinates Dann
Motor City’s newest Pro, Middleweight Phil “The Assassin” Rose, moves to 1-0, 1KO in his pro debut knocking out Winston “The Show” Dann, now 1-1 of London, Ontario at 1:35 of the third round of their scheduled four round fight. Dann came more aggressive than we expected but once Phil, who had less reach, got working on the inside and accustomed to Dann’s awkward style he started to dominate late in the 1st. a
Early in the 2nd the referee warned Dann for excessive holding, which he had been doing since the opening bell. Phil turned up the pace but not a lot of clean punches were landing, because of all the holding. Mid-way through the round Dann wrestled Phil to the canvas and tried to throw a punch at him while he was down, this drew loud boos from the fans. This fueled Phil and with ten seconds left in the 2nd round Phil caught Dann with a crushing right hand that dropped him flat to his back. Dann was able to make it back to his feet as the round ended and saved by the bell.
Just seconds into the third round the referee took a point away from Dann for holding, it was now obvious Dann was in trouble. About one minute later Phil caught Dann with the 1st of three devastating right hands. The 1st one snapped his head back and sent him staggering backwards into the ropes. Phil moved in quickly and followed up with the 2nd hard right that put Dann out on his feet. Phil sense the win and finished things with a 3rd short right that left Dann laying face down on the canvass and the fight was called at 1:35 of the 3rd round.
Phil is eager to fight again and has already been offer the opportunity to fight on the next United Promotions event in November. Phil has accepted that offer and we’ll be awaiting word on the next opponent for the Assassin.