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Motor City Boxing Ends 2007 Season With A Bang!
With boxers fighting in Nova Scotia and Buffalo on the July 1st weekend Motor City wrapped up another successful season. The club was offered two good opportunities to match it's fighters and rather than turn down one to take another the club sent troops to each. Coaches Mike Power & Dan Wright led Frankie Rill, Jerome "Wildcat" Gabriel, Kyle "TNT" Wright and Motor City's newest rising star Luke "Coolhands" Caride to Nova Scotia. While coaches Rory Slater & Don Nelson were off with veterans Colin "Big" Fish & "Klondike" Kyle Matuk to the Nickel City Challenge in Buffalo, NY.

Results from Nova Scotia's first match in Westville on June 29 were:

Kyle Wright vs Steven McGillvary - Kyle gave up 7 pounds, fought hard, & lost a split decision.

Jerome Gabriel vs Joey Best - Jerome redemed a loss from last year in NS and gave Joey a boxing lesson to easily walked a way with a unanimous decision.

Frankie Rill vs Duke Davis (2007 Canadian Champ, Best Pound For Pound Junior Boxer in Canada for 2007) - The fans went home with frowns on their faces as Rill pounded the hometown hero into retirement in the 2nd round when his corner was forced to throw in the towel.

Nova Scotia 2nd matches on June 30th in Middleton results were:

Luke Caride vs Wesley Hardman - Cool Hands prevailed as Luke outboxed the NS boxer who was 6.5 lbs heavier & was throwing bombs all night. Caride won a unanimous decision.

Kyle Wright vs Bobby Harris - Harris was busier, but Wright’s defense seemed almost perfect. Wright’s punches were clean & crisp, but in the end the bout was awarded to Harris in a questionable split decision.

Jerome Gabriel vs Joey Best - Gabriel seemed to take his opponent lightly since he had easily handled him the night before, but Best was eagar to impress his hometown fans & eventually won a split decision.

Frankie Rill vs Duke Davis - Frankie won by walkover when the rematch was cancelled due to injuries sustained by Davis during the previous night match between these two Super-Heavyweights.

In Buffalo at the McKinley Fair Grounds on June 29th:

Kyle Matuk vs Tim Mallory from Niagara Falls, NY - Kyle dominated the match and seemed to have won a decision but the bout was awarded to Mallory in a very questionable 3-2 split.

Colin Fish vs John Beard from Geneva, NY - Colin easily out-boxed the tough, professionally trained Beard to win a majority decision over the American.

June 30th pitted Colin against number two ranked senior US boxer Lionell Thompson - Despite being only 17 Colin pushed the 23 year old American to the brink but lost a very close 4-1 split decision to the American in his home town.

The Motor City Club is now closed for regular training until August 15th, however Motor City's "Lethal" Lindsay Garbatt is in hard training at the club for her long awaited pro debut. The bout is tentatively scheduled for August 15th in Rochester, NY, against Buffalo Boxer Ela "Bam Bam" Nunez in a 4 round 126lbs match. The match has been agreed to by both camps and is currently pending approval by the New York State Athletic Commission.