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Gold Rush In Windsor
Motor City made the trip to Windsor last Thursday November 8th for the 2008 Open Provincial Championships. Our team of 7 boxers and 3 coaches wanted to prove that Motor City is a force to be reckoned with after having a poor showing at the Arnie Bohem Novice Tournament in October. After 4 days of boxing, a 9-2 record with 3 big wins by way of Knock Out, 5 gold medals, 1 silver medal, 1 bronze medal, and all 7 boxers likely en-route to the National Championships, there is no doubt.

All of our boxers performed well, but there were some real highlights. The first featured Motor City's newest open and relatively inexperienced boxer, Brandon "Bad Boy" Cook who had only 11 bouts going into the Championships. After winning his preliminary bout against a more experienced boxer Brandon faced former Nigerian National Champion Claude Makouaka with 154 fights to his credit in the semi-final. Brandon was boxing well against Makouaka; only down by 4 points when he landed a devastating over hand right followed by a double left hook to the veteran that put him on the canvass unable to get back on his feet at 1:17 of the 1st round. This was a big win for the club and motivated the team for more good things to come.

Next was "Gorgeous" Kyle Matuk, who was in tough, 20 pounds lighter and less experienced, against last years Canadian Champion Edvin Ghahramayan. We were a little concerned about this fight but Kyle put our fears to rest. Kyle didn't hold back and started to throw right at the opening bell. Matuk banged Ghahramayan with what seemed like non stop combinations. About 45 seconds into the first round the ref gave Ghahramayan a standing eight count but let him continue so Kyle patented a new combination that was developed just for this opponent; the "1-2 Roll." He dropped Ghahramayan, who then told the ref he'd had enough of Kyle, so the referee called the fight to save the former champion any further punishment.

We saved the best for last when Frankie "The Thrill" Rill caught veteran super-heavy weight Adnan Shahkaran with a thundering left hook in the 4th round of the 91+kg final. The combination sent the 250 lb Shahkaran thundering to the floor unable to get back up for several minutes. Shahkaran has been a top contender and a former champion for over 10 years and he's never been knocked down much less ko'd in all those years. Fortunately Shahkaran was alright after being treated to by the Doctor at ringside. Frankie will now travel to Richmond, BC to fight for the National Title on Nov. 28 - Dec.2, Motor City has also requested that Jerome Gabriel and Brandon Cook also attend the Senior Nationals as Ontario B Team representatives. Kyle Wright, Kyle Matuk, Colin Fish and Johnny Rill will be going to the Cadet/Junior Nationals in Windsor, ON January 24 -27.

Local fight fans will get a chance to see some of these boxers and help support the club on Sunday Dec. 2nd when the club host its annual boxing day before X-mas show at LeSkratch. Doors open at 1pm and the fights start at 2pm. Advance tickets are now on sale at LeSkratch for $10, a $5 savings on the at the door price of $15, there are also 8 ringside tables for 10 available for $200 each this price includes 10 lbs of wings for the table. This show will likely be sold out so get your tickets now.

Here are the official results from the Championships.

Thursday, Nov. 8th
69 Sr Male Prelim. Brandon Cook - Motor City Versus Thomas DaSilva - Sullys = Brandon Cook winner on points 44-30

75 Sr Male Prelim. Jerome Gabriel - Motor City Versus Rene Rivest - Windsor = Jerome Gabriel winner on points 25-24

Friday November 9th
91+ Sr Male Semi Final Frankie Rill - Motor City Versus Shavar Henry - Fighting Alliance = Frankie Rill winner on points 12-9

69 Sr Male Semi Final Brandon Cook - Motor City Versus Claude Makouaka - Gale Kerwin = Brandon Cook winner RSC-H 1st round

Saturday November 10th
57 C Male Semi Final Kyle Wright - Motor City Versus Jacob Rhules - Fighting Alliance = Kyle Wright winner RSC-B 2nd round

91 Jr Male Final Kyle Matuk - Motor City Versus Edvin Ghahramayan - Bigtyme = Kyle Matuk winner RSC-H 1st round

69 Sr Male Final Brandon Cook - Motor City Versus Pedram Maleki - Kombat Arts = Pedram Maleki winner RSC Outscore 2nd round

75 Sr Male Semi Final Jerome Gabriel - Motor City Versus Steve Rolls - Fighting Alliance = Steve Rolls winner on points 22-12

81 Jr Male Final Colin Fish - Motor City Versus Sam Matischuck - Fighting Alliance = Colin fish winner by retirement 1st round

91+ Sr Male Final Frankie Rill - Motor City Versus Adnan Shahkaran - Round One = Frankie Rill winner RSC-H 4th round

Sunday November 11
57 C Male Final Kyle Wright - Motor City Versus Brendan Wafer - Top Glove = Final Kyle Wright winner 32-23

91 + Jr Male Johnny Rill winner by walk over

5 gold, 1 silver, & 1 bronze with all of our open class boxers earning a spot on the provincial team.

Thats how we roll.