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Lindsay's first pro win is a KO!
Lindsay Garbatt recorded her first professional win over debuting Island Park, NY native Tracey Hutt. Lindsay flattened Hutt with a devastating right hand in the fourth round of their exciting featherweight bout.

Lindsay seemed to be shaking off the rust of 6 months inactivity in rounds 1 and 2. She started to come around late in the 3rd but it appeared that Hutt was on her way to a unanimous decision.

In the corner between rounds 3 and 4 coach Don Nelson told Lindsay she needed a knockout to win. Lindsay wasn't long fulfilling his request landing a flush right hand that backed the visibly shaken Hutt to the ropes. Lindsay then followed up quickly with a straight right hand to the chin that dropped Hutt flat on her back. Hutt gamely tried to rise, made it to all fours and fell on her face. She again tried to struggle to her feet, but her legs wouldn't cooperate, and she crashed face-first through the ropes to the canvas once again. The official time of the KO was :52 seconds of the fourth and final round.