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Motor City 2010 Home Opener Club Show
Motor City will kick off the 2010 Boxing Season on Sunday September 27th at LeSkratch in Oshawa when the club presents the "2010 Home Opener". Advance tickets are on sale now at LeSkratch or from the club for $10 a $5 savings off the door price of $15.

Here's a line up of the bouts scheduled for this card (Note: all bouts subject to change)

Joe Nufrio 150lbs 2 bouts Tillers vs Austin Ciafaloni 155lbs 0 bouts Sullys

Jhade Credo 75lbs 1 bout Cabbagetown vs Josh Swift 75lbs 0 bouts Motor City

Lexton Bates 147lbs 12 bouts Combat Arts vs Evan Jurmain 144lbs 11bouts McGrory's

Arthur Biyarslanov 130lbs 10 bouts Cabbagetown vs Joel Mangunatmodjo 130 lbs 6 bouts Ajax

Amanda Megson 135lbs 3 bouts Combat Arts vs Alexandria Strickland 140lbs 1 bout Bigtyme

Kyle Marsh 145lbs 0 bouts Ajax vs Anthony Bellino 142lbs 1 bout Motor City

Zack Ridgewell 97lbs 14 bouts Bigtyme vs Luke Caride 95lbs 16 bouts Motor City

Omar Henry 225lbs 11 bouts Cabbagetown vs Marlon Barrington 201 26 bouts Liverpool

Tristan Smith 158lbs 2 bouts Ajax vs Tyler Tilley 155lbs 4 bouts Motor City

Kane Heron 140lbs 23 bouts Bigtyme vs Mike Affainie 140lbs 20 bouts Ajax

Jordan LeBlanc 106lbs 14 bouts McGrory's vs Evan Gillard 106lbs 12 bouts Motor City

Tim Cronin 180lbs 20 bouts Tillers vs Brad Burns 178lbs 12 bouts Uptown

Jamie Fuderer 140lbs 11 bouts BEL vs Cody Nixon 141lbs 16 bouts Motor City

Victor Ong 168lbs 8 bouts Ottawa Beaver vs Phil Rose 165lbs 12 bouts Motor City

Marc Dorion 130lbs 25 bouts Ottawa Beaver vs Clay Dales 130lbs 84 bouts Motor City